Snazaroo Clown White 50ml
Snazaroo Clown White 50ml

Snazaroo Clown White 50ml

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The world's safest and easiest to use water-based face paint. The vivid colors are made with the finest quality ingredients.

Face painting is becoming more and more a standard feature at parties, halloween, sports, fund raisers and the amusement world. Almost everywhere, children are having a great time getting their faces painted - adults too! Snazaroo produces the finest face and body art materials that will ensure you and your friends have a fantastic time. All Snazaroo colors blend extremely well. Colors also can be painted over each other. It is best to apply light colors before darker colors as you create your design. Our paints apply easily with water and a brush or sponge. They wash off easily with mild soap and water.