Graftobian HD Pro Face & Contour Powder Foundation  Hidden Magic
Graftobian HD Pro Face & Contour Powder Foundation  Hidden Magic

Graftobian HD Pro Face & Contour Powder Foundation Hidden Magic

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This is the darkest powder on the market. About 5 shades deeper than Maybelline ‘Cacao’. Perfect for contouring darker skin tones as well as the perfect powder for clients with similar shading to Alek Wek or Chris Attoh.

Graftobian HD Pro Powder™ Foundation Compact is a light and silky textured dual finish powder foundation containing ultra-micronized pigments to ensure a soft and natural looking finish on any complexion.  The velvet-textured powder is highly pigmented, and it can be applied alone on skin, either wet or dry, for a quick and smooth looking application that blends easily on skin.  It’s also the perfect powder to set any cream or liquid foundation application for all day wear.  Also great to use to even out men’s skin tone, especially for camera work.


Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation™ is quite different from regular pressed or loose powders because it's specially formulated as a foundation and powder in one product.  It's so versatile in the ability to provide adjustable matte coverage, from a transparent (sheer) look to a medium (heavier) finish.  It can be worn alone on skin as a complete foundation or matting product, or used as a setting powder over a base color application to give added coverage to the complexion for a more flawless look.

Used over a moisturized and primed face, HD Pro Powder Foundation™ can be applied dry with a brush,for a sheer and natural looking hint of matte color on the face.  Applied with a powder puff or dry sponge it offers more coverage for a nice, smooth and even matte finish.  Applied with a damp sponge it offers the fullest coverage for the most flawless look without streaking or caking.  HD Pro Powder™ is an excellent "blotting powder" alternative, and repairs makeup seamlessly in trouble spot areas.

The compact comes complete with a mirror and a high quality professional disposable sponge in the separate ventilated compartment beneath.  Great for all makeup artist's kits and set-bags, or talent's continuity bags for quick touch-ups on set.  It is a vital makeup product for on-camera talent, especially for HDTV, and performing artists that do their own makeup touch-ups.