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Encore - European Body Art Alcohol Palette

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• Fully customizable palette with magnetic platform and interchangeable colors.

• Water, sweat and rub resistant

• Realistic natural finish

• Micronized HD pigments

• Instant drying

• Applicable on skin and foam, latex and silicone appliances

• Easily Removable

• Activated with 99% alcohol

The famous Encore Palettes are now available in stock. This edition consists of 1 neutral and 9 light to dark skin shades in warm (yellow/olive) and cool (red) undertones. The Nude 1 (N1) shade is the lightest neutral shade that can also be used as an adjuster or concealer. They all blend easily with other shades and adjusters to achieve neutral shades or other variations of skin tones.

ENCORE palettes come standard in a proprietary case with a built-in magentic platform allowing for personalized color selection and a convenient restocking of individual ready to go refills. ENCORE palettes provide durability, high pigmentation and a wide selection of colors. They come with make-up that is activated with 99% alcohol or a cosmetic grade alcohol.

• Water resistant tattoo cover up
• Skin concealing
• Film and TV prosthetics makeup
• Haunt and Halloween
• Runway and bridal makeup
• Live broadcasting
• Underwater commercials
• Stage and performance makeup
• Cosplay

Although Encore Palettes can be customized per order, they are also offered in various collections.

Skin Collection :

N1, C1, W1, C2, W2, C4, C5, W5, C6, W9.

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