Graftobian Makeup Remover 2 oz (58ml)

Graftobian Makeup Remover 2 oz (58ml)

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Graftobian Makeup Remover is a gentle oil based makeup remover that does a very nice job of loosening, dissolving and removing all kinds of creme based makeup.  It is especially good for quick removal of heavy theatrical type makeup, or as a final wipe of any remaining adhesive residue on the face from prosthetic use.  Use it to remove these kinds of product before you do your regular cleansing routine.  The combination of ingredients work quickly so there is minimal irritation to skin due to rubbing and wiping.

To apply: saturate a cotton pad and liberally work it around the face until the makeup is dissolved.  Repeat as needed with additional saturated cotton pads until all makeup is removed.  Finish by gently wiping any remaining makeup remover off with a warm wet washcloth.

TIP: Pro artists like to use this makeup remover on a velour puff to help work it in and wipe off gently.  It also works great to soften and smooth the edges of Modeling Wax to help feather it out on the skin. Simply use a small amount applied with a finger.

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