baldiez cap plastic in nigeria

Mouldlife - Baldiez Bald Cap Plastic 120ml (4oz)

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Baldiez is used for both encapsulating silicone gel prosthetics and as a bald cap plastic.

For baldcaps it holds its shape better and is stretchier than traditional cap plastics such as Glatzan. It can be thinned with Acetone and the edges dissolved with Acetone. It can also be thinned in order to spray baldcaps.

When encapsulating silicone appliances Baldiez is still favoured by many people as it dries quickly (being Acetone based), and releases better from moulds than Super Baldiez.


One of our Favourite Artists and Teachers Stuart Bray, shows you how to get the best out of a Flat Mould using Cap Plastic to Encapsulate. This allows for beautiful thin edges which can be easily blended out.


Please note that with Baldiez you dilute and blend using Acetone, unlike Super Baldiez which you have to use IPA with.


(We stock IPA in store but is generally hard to find in Nigeria).