Sculpting Head Armature

Sculpting Head Armature

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The Ed and Alanna H2.0 are the world's first water fillable Sculpting Busts brought to you by the same people that make Monster Clay. These are been completely reengineered and reimagined. Both heads are composed of a special, high-density plastic that can withstand the rigores of mold making and last for years with little to no wear.

Not only are they reusable but Mold Making have never been made easier!

Simply sculpt your character over the form and make your mold, and here is where the magic comes into play:.

RAD (Radiant Assisted Demold) Technology™ provides an easy, built in clay release system which dramatically aides in the demolding process for artists and mask makers using wax based clay mediums. Each RAD enhanced headform becomes, in effect, a hot water vessel which efficiently transfers radiant heat from inside the form to the surrounding clay causing a softening effect within the mould.  

Moulds made over RAD enhanced forms can be demolded rapidly and without difficulty, resulting in a greatly improved experience. When you are ready to demold, simply turn the Armature over with the bottom side up, unscrew the included inset bottle cap and fill the head form with hot water. Within minutes, radiant heat will begin to penetrate the clay and into the mold for the easiest demolding experience you've ever had.

Say goodbye to broken or stuck forms! 

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