Boneyard Foam Latex FX Mask Old Age

Boneyard Foam Latex FX Mask Old Age

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This old age appliance mask works for both male or female charachters. This piece continues down the neck line.

Foam latex prosthetics glue directly to your skin using Makeup adhesive.Your new foam latex prosthetic will jump to life and smile, frown, snarl or whatever your face does! Let’s see a stiff slip rubber Halloween mask do that!!

You can wear your foam latex prosthetic for hours at a time. Since it’s soft & flexible,
you can eat, drink and talk in it without overheating, like in a standard rubber mask.

These foam latex prosthetics come to you unpainted. You can become the artist and color your prosthetic the way YOU WANT IT!!

It should be purchased with a latex foam makeup kit for easy application.

Sculpted and produced by Larry Bones, an extremely talented California professional makeup artist, these faces have movie quality with excellent realism and are built for comfort. Each piece is accompanied by an easy to follow instructional booklet and is supplied on a convenient plastic Vacuform face for storage and pre-painting.

Create amazing special effects for film or stage without the drama!

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Graftobian Foam Latex FX Faces are not only realistic, Hollywood quality appliances – they’re build for comfort, as well! Each piece comes with an easy to follow instructional booklet and is supported by a convenient plastic vacuform face for storage and pre-painting.