Chavant Clayette

Chavant Clayette

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Chavant Clayette is an amazing sulphur free Sculpting Clay developed by Chavant. It's non-hardening, fexible and odour-free without being sticky.

Clayette doesn't oxidise and can be left uncovered,heated and cooled repeatedly without any significant change in the product and will perform excellently when making silicone rubber to take a mould.

Clayette is designed to be worked by hand at room temperature but can be warmed to soften it further, it can be smoothed and tool marks removed using small amounts of citrus based solvents or (taking adequate precautions) lighter fluid, latex paint removers, turpentine or mineral spirits.

Clayette and monumelt are similar clays being that they work well at the same temperatures and that they are non sulfur clays. However, the monumelt clay liquifies and the Clayette does not.