Graftobian Aloevation Toning Veil 1 oz

Graftobian Aloevation Toning Veil 1 oz

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Blur and Smooth Lines under the eyes and around the mouth before makeup!

Toning Veil is an innovative smoothing emulsion to instantly and visually soften fine lines and rough or dry skin on contact.  It forms an invsible layer for a smoother and plumper skin surface.  Perfect to use on mature skins before makeup.

This specialized emulsion is formulated with soft-light diffusion molecules which reflects light away from the skin, much like a soft focus lense does in photography.  The dimensional technology in this cream softens and smooths the appearance of skin tones by muting down uneven color and other discolorations. Redness is also visibly diminished by this product, and can be used under moistuizers or as a preparation product for makeup.  Apply a thin layer and allow to dry prior to moisturizer or makeup application.

This micronized blend, combined with water, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, and skin smoothing silicones create the core of what Aloevation is all about.  The patent-pending technology provides non-whitening "lifting" benefits with a smoothing "matte" satin finish looking results.  Used as a skin preparation before makeup it eliminates stickiness that can happen when other products are applied.  It provides a more stable "grip" for a makeup application and helps reduce oil breakthrough.