Graftobian Blood Paste

Graftobian Blood Paste

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Create realistic looking  deep wound blood effects with this blood paste. It does not dry out and it retains the sheen of clotted wounds.

Blood Paste is perfect for simulating coagulated lacerations, abrasions, gashes, and a realistic look of wounds forming scabs.  The stiff structure of the paste holds firm so it can be applied very thickly to build three-dimensional effects.  The texture has very dense and sticky quality so it holds to skin or prosthetic materials very well with a congealed look.  It doesn’t dry out, and retains the dull sheen look of clotted wounds.

It has a bit of an elastic quality to it, so you can lay it on in lumps, bumps, or clots where ever you need it.  Or, string it out to create fine scratches or deep puncture wounds for quick and easy effects.  Highly effective to use just to add some texture dimension to your wound creation, or to hide any seaming from prosthetics that are going to be portrayed under blood.  Fantastic to use as bloody “fingerprints” or blood tracks that stay in place.

To use, scoop paste from container with spatula or tongue depressor type of stick and apply to your wound effect as desired.  Or, load some paste into a black stipple sponge and “scrape” it along the surface of skin for an easy abrasion or road rash look.  If you spray it with a bit of water, it will also create a bloody discharge/ lymph fluid type of oozing.

Non-toxic. Washes easily off skin with soap and water. Product may stain clothing so pre-testing is recommended.

To use: Scoop out with spatula or popsicle stick and apply to wound as desired. Wash off with soap and water