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Graftobian Coloured Liquid Latex Brown 8oz  (236 ml)

Graftobian Coloured Liquid Latex Brown 8oz (236 ml)

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Colored Liquid Latex is a high quality formula and great to use for a variety of applications that require both adhesion and wearability. It can be combined with other products, such as cosmetic glitters, to create fantasy face and body designs.

It’s great to use for any special makeup character effects, especially quick and easy trauma simulations.

Graftobian's Colored Latex is bold and rich with color, has excellent elastic properties that move with skin, and is comfortable in wear. Use colored liquid latex to create exotic, dazzling, and durable fantasy designs that will be waterproof. Or, use it to opaque skin for character or fantasy designs, even skin tight body covering.

Colored latex is perfect to use as a finishing or accent product for injury simulations, or with ready made trauma prosthetics, such as the Woochie or Don Post Studios appliances.

Several coats of this product produces a richly colored durable result that is long wearing, as long as there is not friction. Once the application is dry it can be sprinkled with glittered powders and dusting off the excess. To remove after applying to skin simply lift up an edge and slowly peel it up. When applying this product avoid contact with the hair, clothing or any cloth surface. If applying to skin areas where hair is present, we suggest applying an aloe vera gel to the area first and then apply the Colored Latex.