Graftobian Liquid Latex Clear 2 oz (58 ml)

Graftobian Liquid Latex Clear 2 oz (58 ml)

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Graftobian Clear Liquid Latex is a premium quality multi-purpose liquid rubber material that is cosmetic grade. It appears white when applied wet but dries clear and transparent with excellent results. This is the highest quality liquid latex for skin use available on the market, and multi-functional in it’s many uses. You can make 3 dimensional appliances in molds, or use it to seal modeling wax or gelatin. You can apply it directly to skin for aging effects, or create small blisters or a blistering effect and many other types of trauma simulations.

Liquid latex is used for many special makeup effects needs, such as an adhesive to bond light weight facial appliances to skin and to blend the edges. It can also be stippled onto stretched skin to create the look of aging or wrinkled skin.

It is great to use for creating a variety of injury simulation effects, especially the blistered look. It is a great edge blender/filler to stipple around edges of bald caps and other latex appliance edges. Use it to seal Molding Wax before applying makeup over it, or as an adhesive to attach crepe wool hair.

It can also be mixed with a variety of ingredients to produce textured results, such as mixing in small pieces of dry cereal into the liquid, smooth it onto the skin and allow to dry for a diseased or scabbed skin look. Finish out with flesh colored makeup or airbrush makeup for realistic looking results.

This is a staple item that belongs in every special effects makeup artist's kit. Note: ALWAYS seal any latex appliance applications with Graftobian's Castor Seal