Graftobian Pro Adhesive 8 oz

Graftobian Pro Adhesive 8 oz

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Graftobian Pro Adhesive is a very strong waterproof medical grade adhesive that is the ideal choice for for secure long wear with prosthetic appliances. The milky white acrylic based emulsion dries clear with a very strong bond, and on par (or better) with Pros-Aide, or Beta Bond Plus adhesives. It’s the perfect choice to use for gluing down latex, foam latex, gelatin, and encapsulated silicone (gel-filled) appliances. It’s very easy to use a contact adhesive (applied to skin and the appliance and dried before both pressed together). Once dry it is completely flexible in wear with the appliance for realistic movement results.

Pro Adhesive provides a far stronger wearing adhesion bond than spirit gum when you absolutely need durability and very long in wear with appliances. This is an excellent contact style adhesive (applied to both skin and face and then pressed together) that dries absolutely crystal clear. It is flexible with the movement of the appliance, and provides for secure long wear without skin irritation. This medical grade adhesive is non-toxic and safe for use on all skins including sensitive areas.

Pro Adhesive contains no rubber based components (latex) and is completely waterproof once dry on skin. It can also be thinned with distilled water or Dilution Fluid, PPS-0186, while in its liquid state if so desired, or thickened with cab-O-Sil (fumed silica) to use as blending paste or ridge filler, or for making prosthetic transfer appliances.

To use: apply a layer to skin and a layer to the appliance piece, and allow both to dry clear. The adhesive does not stick while still wet, it must dry down to a very tacky shiny texture. Next, press both surfaces together firmly until a firm bond is achieved, pressing down and smoothing out the edges of the appliance. Once the skin warms the finished adhesion in wear it slightly increases the strength of the bond.

NOTE: once the adhesive contact between skin and appliance is achieved, it's pretty much a done deal and difficult to remove and re-position again, so be sure you know what you are doing and get it right the first time. You can try to work some 99% alcohol under an edge to re-wet" the glue adhesion, lift, and reposition the edge only.

To remove the appliance use Graftobian Pro Adhesive Remover, which is specially designed to quickly detach the adhesive bond and help remove any residue.

This should not be purchased or used by anyone who is not fully familiar with it's properties and dangers. CAUTION: Pro adhesive is for professional use only and must be used with care. Do not use on lace hair goods. Avoid using this product in the eye area. Paint and Powder Cosmetics assumes no liability or responsibility for the use or mis-use of this product by the purchaser or end user.