Graftobian Pro Adhesive Remover 2 oz (58ml)

Graftobian Pro Adhesive Remover 2 oz (58ml)

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Graftobian Pro Adhesive Remover is a solvency-powered remover that is excellent for removing both acrylic and silicone based adhesives quickly and efficiently. This low viscosity alcohol based formula is also ideal to use as a general makeup dissolver and remover which is safe for use on most skin types. It’s perfect to use in removing PAX type acrylic makeup paints from skin too. Does not contain any Naphtha, which is a very strong solvent that can cause serious skin irritation.

Pro Adhesive remover is not an adhesive dissolving product, but a highly effective releasing agent that loosens the bond of the adhesives between the skin and prosthetic piece so that it can be removed gently from the skin. It works an ultra fine (and skin moisturizing) oil into the bond to release the attachment, and allows you to methodically lift and remove the appliance as you work the remove through it.

To use Pro Adhesive Remover effectively make sure you have enough of the product on hand so you don't run out of it in the middle of the removal process. Start at an edge of the prosthetic and apply the remover to the side of the edge, gently working and lifting the edge at the same time to loosen the bond. Once the corner has lifted soak more of the remover directly under the piece, and begin lifting more of the piece as the adhesive becomes saturated and loosened with the remover.

Go slowly and use patience, taking your time, so that you don't irritate the skin in the removal process. Once the piece is completely removed, wipe any remaining adhesive residue on the face with more Pro Adhesive remover. You can also clean any adhesive residue from the appliance using this remover. Wash skin with soap and water if you want to remove the excess film on skin. Avoid using Pro Adhesive Remover in the eye area, as it contains alcohol.

It is strongly suggested that a skin balancing product be applied to skin immediately after adhesive removal to restore the skin's surface, and prevent any after effects of irritation due to prosthetic wear