Graftobian Spirit Gum 29ml (1 oz)

Graftobian Spirit Gum 29ml (1 oz)

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Graftobian Spirit Gum is the classic simple adhesive product with superior tack and hold. It dries with a flat no shine texture and provides for longer wear over other brands of spirit gums. It’s the preferred spirit gum used by professional artists working in stage and screen. Graftobian has been the leading U.S. manufacturer (and supplier to other companies) of the highest grade and quality spirit gum for the SFX industry, theatrical, and costume trades, so it’s reliability is second to none. Actors and consumers alike, as well as Cosplay costumers, find this adhesive easy to apply with a brush or swab, and removes quickly with Graftobian’s Spirit Gum Remover.

Graftobian's Spirit Gum is by far the most professionally desired formula on the market today, and used by top makeup artists in the industry when they have a need for a spirit gum adhesive. This product out-performs other spirit gum brands hands down when it comes to tack, strong adhesion, flexibility, and durability for longer wear This non-reflective spirit gum is a classic resin glue product that is widely used for a variety of makeup applications, and can also be used as a sealant in certain types of applications.

Spirit gum has been used as a simple skin safe glue for many years to adhere latex, wax, even gelatin appliances to skin, as well as a variety of false hair applications. It contains a resin that is a naturally organic derived ingredient, plus it is virtually sweat and climate proof, and fairly inexpensive to use. Graftobian personally make

s this superior formula here in the US, and is a leading supplier of this great spirit gum product to other companies.

PRO TIP: For best results and faster tack and adhesion time, Pour out an amount of spirit gum that you will want to use for your application into a Disposable Mini Mixing Bowl and allow the product to sit for about 20 minutes before you start your application. This trick helps to evaporate some of the alcohol suspension solution in the product, and leaving the resin "glue" in a thicker state for faster adhesion and drying time.

Avoid any spirit gum adhesive contact with eyes. Do not attempt to pull appliance or hair piece directly from skin once the glue has dried as you can damage skin! Detach and remove only with Graftobian Spirit Gum Remover, for safe removal from skin.