Graftobian Stipple Sponge 12 Pack
Graftobian Stipple Sponge 12 Pack

Graftobian Stipple Sponge 12 Pack

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Black Stipple Sponges are an absolute staple item in every special makeup effect’s artist kit. It has tons of uses because you can create a variety of textures in your finish, and it’s a vital tool to apply a believable bruise. It’s also a great tool to apply all kinds of abrasions and can be loaded with theatrical blood to create bleeding scratches.  Stipple sponges make great looking beard stubble growth and you can vary the look according to the size of the stipple sponge.

This individual stipple sponge is a special charcoal colored web matrix filter sponge used to create the five o'clock shadow look when dipped lightly into dark creme based make-up and then stippled lightly onto the skin. This same technique used with red or maroon coloring, stippled on the nose or other facial areas, will give you a broken or risen blood vessel look common in old age make-ups. Also available in a package of 12 to save you a bit of money.