Starter 10 Pcs Plastic Sculpting Tool Set

Starter 10 Pcs Plastic Sculpting Tool Set

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Plastic Modeling/Sculpting Tool Set is a high quality collection of different ends and edges for sculpting shaping in wax, clay, or other soft mediums.

You can sculpt, contour, and carve with these double-sided tools that are made of strong polished wood.  It’s the perfect 6 piece set for a beginner or seasoned pro.

The Wooden Modeling/Sculpting Tool Set contains 6 hardwood modeling tools that are 8 inches long and hand shaped to various end finishes for modeling and marking into wax, clay, or other soft modeling compounds.

These smooth sanded double-ended tools are among the most popular shapes and sizes for modeling and sculpting, and are excellent for burnishing, cutting, slicing, making patterns, trimming, smoothing, contouring, patterning and more.  It's great value also makes it perfect for the pro studio and educational environments.