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Mouldlife - Baldiez Beads Bald Cap Plastic 100g

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Mouldlife Baldiez Beads contains tiny solid beads that can be covered with acetone and left to dissolve to create a cap plastic that can then be used to create professional plastic bald caps as well as being used to encapsulate molds.

Also if you want to travel with the product, it’s difficult to take flammable liquids on flights, so this offers you the opportunity to purchase it in a non-hazardous form as the dry beads then add the acetone yourself once it has been transported, Acetone being pretty cheap and readily available worldwide.

Directions: Pour in Acetone up to the base of the neck of the bottle. Replace cap firmly and shake gently until all beads are coated with Acetone. Turn bottle on a regular basis until all beads are fully dissolved. You can also dissolve smaller amounts and save the beads, which avoids any potential spillage and evaporation. If you decide to melt the full bottle this will take approx. 3-4 days. 100g of Key-Cap Beads will create 500g of Key-Cap Plastic.

Edges can be thinned using acetone.



One of our Favourite Artists and Teachers Stuart Bray, shows you how to get the best out of a Flat Mould using Cap Plastic to Encapsulate. This allows for beautiful thin edges which can be easily blended out.


Please note that with Baldiez you dilute and blend using Acetone, Super Baldiez which you have to use IPA with.


(We do stock IPA in store but is generally hard to find in Nigeria).