Mouldlife - Platsil Gel 25 Part A & B
Mouldlife - Platsil Gel 25 Part A & B

Mouldlife - Platsil Gel 25 Part A & B

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Mouldlife presents the revolutionary Platsil Gel 25. The All in One Solution from Moulds to Prosthetic Pieces. Combine with either Deadener LV or Part H Hardener for the most versatile product on the market!

5 minute pour time and a 1 hour demould. Use PlatSil Gel 25 as a mould rubber, to create prosthetic appliances and for life casting. Combine with Face Coat to capture the most precise details in your cast. 

 “Deaden” the rubber to soften and eliminate the snappy, synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers. Deadened PlatSil Gel 25 can be made to look, feel and move like all types of living tissue.




PlatSil Gels are widely used for specials effects in television, theatre and film. 

- Add Deadener LV to create 'super gel' for softer prosthetics
- Add Part H Hardener to increase hardness to 40 Shore A
- High clarity for flatmoulds
- Rapid prototyping moulding material
- General purpose moulding material