Mouldlife- Alginate FX 3

Mouldlife- Alginate FX 3

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Mouldlife’s FX Alginate is our finest ever, as it offers a smooth, lump free consistency, range of setting speeds, good tear strength, and unlike other Alginate it can be bonded to itself.

Don’t forget your Plaster Bandages to keep your mould’s in place!

Mouldlife FX 3 is an alginate powder that when added to water creates a material used in moulds and lifecasting. Allows  approximately three minutes setting time to work with. This can be sped up by using warm water or working in extreme heat conditions. You can also slow down the setting process by using cooler water.

There are different ways of using Alginate. You may want to create a cast immediately using either a Silicone like Platsil Gel or Gelatine. Or case directly onto the skin (such as the face, supported with ModRoc Bandages) and create a plaster mould from the alginate in order to sculpt onto.

Check out the resources below for some ideas!



Step by Step Written Tutorial:

Casting Step by Step: Prosthetic Life Casting with Alginate by Stuart Bray