PM.FX Siliglass (Fake Glass)
PM.FX Siliglass (Fake Glass)

PM.FX Siliglass (Fake Glass)

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Shards of siliglass are ideal for replicating fragments of broken glass - perfect for pressing into SFX make up wounds and for use as prop for broken pieces of glass.   


Siliglass is a two component addition cured RTV silicone. Siliglass has a crystal clear finish and has a brittle, rubbery texture.   This crumbles easily to create perfect glass-like shards and crystals, and can be easily broken into pieces to your desired size and shape.

Siliglass should not be placed in the mouth or swallowed.


Used for many effects in the FX industry to replicate shards of broken glass in wounds for example, or crumbled to replicate broken windows or smashed windscreens. Crumbled siliglass crystals even create elaborate   table settings. Crushed into tiny pieces, siliglass works well when creating snow and ice effects and can be used in conjunction with most clear skin adhesives. Kept clean and dry, siliglass shards can be reused.