Polycraft -  Platsil Gel 10 Part A & B 500g

Polycraft - Platsil Gel 10 Part A & B 500g

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PlatSil Gel product line consists of two 1A:1B silicone rubbers with a 5-6 minute working time that cure in 30 minutes.

Use PlatSil Gels to create prosthetic appliances, skins, for lifecasting as well as for general RTV silicone mould making.

PlatSil Gel 10 is widely considered to be the best gel filled silicone prosthetic system in the world.

This fast, accurate, multi-purpose method of encapsulating, gelling and applying all with the same fast setting reusable system.

PlatsSil Gel 10 has some magnificent credits to its portfolio of film and television credits having being used for the make ups help, Catherine Tate, Dr Who, Silent Witness, Little Britain.

It has been used in films such as Harry Potter, Narnia, Wolfman, Pans Labyrinth and James Bond.


 “Deaden” the rubber to soften and eliminate the snappy, synthetic look and feel of ordinary silicone rubbers. Deadened PlatSil Gel 10 can be made to look, feel and move like all types of living tissue.




PlatSil Gels are widely used for specials effects in television, theatre and film. 

- Add Deadener LV to create 'super gel' for softer prosthetics
- Add Part H Hardener to increase hardness to 40 Shore A
- High clarity for flatmoulds
- Rapid prototyping moulding material
- General purpose moulding material