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Polycraft SFX Starter Kit

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Outstanding Value Set, essential for any budding and experienced Artist.

This kit includes latex, latex thickener agent, arterial blood for special effects, also includes mixing pots and utensils, great for making up gory wounds, bullet wounds, scars, scar tissue grazes and cuts, latex can be used to make complete head or facial masks.The blood is Movie / Theatrical grade and widely used in many Studio, Stage and Movie productions.

Kit Includes....

1 x 500ml Liquid Latex - Brush On / Dipping Latex 
1 x 125ml Liquid Latex Thickener Additive
1 x 125g Polycraft Studio / Movie Grade Special FX Theatrical Blood - Arterial
5 x 600ml Clear Calibrated Plastic Mixing Cup
10 x Small Wooden Mixing Sticks
10 x Vitrile Gloves

Latex - Easy to use - just brush the original model in the liquid rubber then leave to dry. Use in well ventilated area. Wash skin with soap and water. Rinse splashes from eyes immediately with water, Please ensure a small sample is used before applying over a larger area.

Latex Thickener - Use from 1% - 5% to thicken liquid latex.

Blood - Realistic non drying stage blood for use directly on skin and costume, fake blood that can be used on both appliances and in or around the mouth area. This blend is made from food grade materials and so is mouth safe. It is non staining and simply washes off with soap and water (may stain fabrics). With a thick smooth glossy texture it smears well on the skin or appliances.

This blood is Movie / Theatrical grade and widely used in many Studio and Movie productions such as Game of Thrones and Dracula. 

Great for make up, gory wounds, bullet wounds, scars, grazes and cuts.

Blood Features:
  • Washes out of clothing easily (may stain fabrics)
  • Non staining,washes off with warm water & soap
  • Smooth and glossy texture and finish
  • Edible, Smells and tastes like peppermint
  • Made using food based ingredients
Blood Information:
  • Always patch test for allergies before use
  • Patch test is recommended on light or delicate fabrics as the colourings in this product may stain.
  • Prolonged use may stain the palms of hands, (used a gritted hand soap for best results)
  • Not to be used directly in eye
  • May cause slight irritation to skin during prolonged use.
  • Wash spills with warm water
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Can be disposed of via drain with plenty of warm water