Telesis 8 Silicone Adhesive

Telesis 8 Silicone Adhesive

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TELESIS 8 silicone adhesive is the newest of the Telesis adhesive range and is already widely used in the industry by Hollywood makeup experts.

”The adhesive is really strong on both silicone and foam latex appliances, and it’s actually easier to use than Telesis 5 because you don’t have to thin it as much. The remover is also excellent.’‘-Greg Cannom.

”I always though that Telesis 5 was the perfect adhesive until I started using Telesis 8. Its got a great working time and a crazy-strong hold” – Kristyan Mallett


1/2 oz  SPECIAL OFFER (Retails for approx £25 / N15000 in the UK excluding shipping)