SFX Starter Kit Nigeria Special Effects Makeup
SFX Starter Kit Nigeria Special Effects Makeup

The Stage FX Starter Kit

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Starter Set - Two Options Available 


50ml Fake Blood

50ml Liquid Latex

50g Scar Wax



50ml Fake Blood

50ml Liquid Latex

50g Scar Wax

35g Spirit Gum



The Stage FX products are used by professional special make-up effects artists and mask makers.


Liquid Latex

When in use we recommend that it is used is in a well ventilated area,

if product enters eyes wash thoroughly with water immediately,

if the product is consumed seek medical advice immediately,

keep away from children


Fake Blood (Edible)

The Stage FX Fake Blood flows like real blood and is completely edible. It stays wet on the skin and runs slowly, creating a trail of realistic looking blood. 

Our fake blood contains only food grade ingredients and is water washable. 

It can stain clothes and walls etc. like real blood, but in our testing has always cleaned well. It is advisable to test on a small area first. 


Scar Wax

THE STAGE FX Premium Scar Wax is extra smooth and soft yet strong. This combination makes for the perfect scar wax and prosthetic make up set. Our wax is easily pliable which enables the finest details to be crafted. Other special fx waxes can be too hard making it difficult to make smaller adjustments. The adhesive properties in our wax is second to none. Although we advise to use this in combination with The Stage FX Premium Skin Glue it will not be a problem using this product without any other skin adhesive at all. We chose to make our product colourless as we all come in different shades. This allows the artist to add any coloured foundation they wished to choose.


We believe that this is the best wax available as well as offering more wax and value per tub.